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A special blend of our 100% pasture raised and succelent beef is blended to perfection with our organic pork and beef liver.  These are sausages like no other and will supercharge you with their goodness!  Liver is nutrient dense including Vitamin A which is gut healing and a potent anti-viral.


We do not use any additives or preservatives in our products.  Gregory Downs Organics Sausages are gluten free and preservative free.


Our succulent beef is 100% pasture raised - throughout their lives they happily graze only on our regenerative farm where the health and welfare of our animals and our land is paramount.  


You will taste the difference when you eat Gregory Downs Organic Beef!


Happy Cows = Amazing Meat.  You are what you eat eats.




Our tender pork is the product of homegrown, healthy, happy pigs who are free to roam, root and wallow on certified organic pastures.  


** Can be collected free directly from our Farm Gate, on day of delivery from one of our NSW Hub Points ($25 fee), or via The Gathered Green (delivery fee to be charged at drop off). See below for more detail! **


This month's Hub Points include:-


Rough & Bare, Mona Vale (Collect 1.30pm-3.30pm)

Rough & Bare, St Leonards (Collect 1pm-3.30pm)

Thoroughbread, Kirrawee (Collect 11.30am-1.30pm)

Thirroul Fruit Barn, Thirroul (Collect 10.30m-6pm)
** Canberra Hub Point - TBA on further details soon!**

** Wagga, Cowra, Parkes, Forbes now available via The Gathered Green. See details below! **


Orders close June 23rd or until sold out!


Next: Farm gate pick-up June 24, 2020.

Next: Delivery to hub points (except Canberra) June 25, 2020.

Next: Delivery to Canberra June 26, 2020. 


** NB All orders must be collected by hub closing time noted above on day of delivery.  

** Canberra hub point TBA.

** Wagga, Cowra, Parkes & Forbes now available for delivery by The Gathered Green. Please select Farm Gate / The Gathered Green option at check out. The Gathered Green will deliver your order and make a manual charge for delivery fee at drop off.**

500g Supercharged Liver Sausages


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