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Certified Organic - Pasture Raised -
Beef and Pork
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At Gregory Downs Organics we are a family owned and run farm passionately farming organically grown and pasture raised beef and pork

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Here at Gregory Downs Organics we are a family owned and run Certified Organic farm north of Young in the Hilltops region of the New South Wales.  We predominantly run organic cattle and pigs but we also run a few sheep an alpaca, chickens and some horses as well!

Clinton grew up in the Northern Territory on a cattle station so has worked with cattle his entire life. Since moving down south onto a smaller property he loves being able to work more closely with the cattle and knows each animal we have on the farm! 

Pip is a Naturopath and Nutritionist and currently works with Helen Padarin at Padarin Health and also in her clinic space in Young. 


At Gregory Downs Organics we run a small herd of Hereford, Black Baldy cows with Angus bulls along with Berkshire and Landraise cross pigs.  Our focus is on the health and welfare of our animals,  our community and on the regeneration of our land including increasing biodiversity of native plants and animals on our farm.

We are currently part of a study with the Australian National University on increasing biodiversity of plants and animals on our farm whilst grazing livestock in our holistic natural grazing system.

At Gregory Downs Organics we run lower numbers of stock as we only graze our stock on grass, and are constantly adjusting our numbers to ensure that we never compromise ground cover and never run out of grass. This of course depends on the rain we get and at what times of year but no extra fodder or grain is fed to our cattle. We believe strongly that the cattle need to graze naturally eating grass and ONLY certified organic grass at that.

Our pigs are certified organic with ACO and graze openly on pastures and are able to express their natural behaviours. Pigs are different to cattle and do need extra feed - we supply our pigs with a feed mix which is certified organic which compliments their natural grazing habits. 

We practice holistic management and constantly move our cattle and pigs onto fresh pasture, this also enables plants to rest and regenerate.

If you would like to buy our Gregory Downs Organics, certified organic beef or pork, please don't hesitate to contact us!




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